What We Do For You

By joining the TBMC community, you will be invited to attend events that places you in a room filled with hundreds of likeminded individuals to meet-buy-sell-connect with. What are these events?

Monthly Meet Ups

We invite you to our unique monthly event, held the third Wednesday of the month. Within this day, we connect you to around 100 business owners who learn who you are and what you do, every month. We offer four services to each and every one of you, every month. They are MEET, BUY, SELL and CONNECT.

MEET – As you walk in, we find out who you are and suggest connections to you, as well as letting you know that you will be asked to speak about your business for around 60 seconds.

In this 60 seconds the floor is yours; offer your services to over 100 engaged, interested members.

You’ll get the chance to meet dozens of business owners over the course of the day during our three 20 minute breaks plus the lunch hour.

BUY – Finding someone to solve your problems is better when they come recommended, isn’t it?

After every 6 or so speakers, we ask a very important question:

“Who here has heard from someone they would like to connect with in the break?”

This moment is gold because people in the room see immediately the value of your service and offering AND they speak up to let you know!

Now, you know that if someone else is willing to recommend that person that you’ll get what you paid for and the business will help you achieve your goals.

One of the unique aspects of our community is that we recommend each other at this time as well but ONLY when we feel moved to do so.

As we don’t have any category exclusivity, you’ll often find more than one option to help and their value is clearly articulated by others in the room.

We actively seek joint venture partners as well, which means that if you have a service to offer that is complimentary to others, you’ll often find someone who wants to work with you.

SELL – As a businessperson, you’d like to get noticed and recommended too, of course! In our network this happens right in front of you, every month.

You will have the opportunity to speak about who you are, what you do and who you would like to connect with in a no pressure 60 seconds.

It’s not mandatory, but even if you are shy, you will find you are welcomed so much that you can easily find your voice.

Guests who join us for the first time are so surprised when our members give them immediate interest.

After their 60 seconds, the question is asked about who is moved to connect with you. Immediately you have names and faces to see at our 4 breaks. These often become effortless, genuine buying conversations.

Because our group is so large, there are service needs for any industry right there in the room. This is ideal for business owners who want to maximise their networking time and get results in the same day.

CONNECT – We are truly a community of business owners and many of us know each other well because we have spent time learning about each other and doing business together. By spending time with TBMC these connections become friends, a community that truly cares and helps one another to ‘raise an invoice’.

The annual Grand Bazaar – Major Event

It combines the hustle and bustle of The Business Marketplace and all the pizazz of a Grand Bazaar
with colour entertainment, vitality, and energy!

This Event is designed to help people in Business meet-buy-sell-connect on a BIG scale. Held at the Peninsula Room at the Docklands in June, here is where Melbourne business owners go to grow their business and do their 60 sec pitch to a jam packed Business audience, amongst other opportunities to meet-buy-sell-connect.

The Annual Mag 7 – Major Event

This is another unique event to TMBC members! Spending a weekend with 7 chosen experts and learning from them, taking them into the areas of your business that you want to go to. Share your business challenges with them and get them to help you unravel them with the solutions, ideas and insights that only they can give you. Direct. Face-to-Face. Unplugged. This is a must attend event. It’s a show stopper. Why? The speakers are up close and personal sharing their secrets that have never been revealed before. And it’s all done in an amazing, insightful format. It’s an interview style on a stage, where you even get to ask questions and interact with the speakers. Last year’s inaugural Mag 7 had rave reviews with many claiming it was the best event they have ever attended.

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