Our Why, Our Purpose

The purpose of The Business Marketplace is that we want to see people in business set free. With that in mind, The Business Marketplace was created to help people in Business do more business!

Let’s face it we are all in Business for one reason, and that is to raise invoices…after all it starts with this! We recognised that in this competitive world we all need to stand out and be seen and heard to stand out from our competitors!

Gary Schuller – Founder of The Business Marketplace created it for this very purpose!

After 30 years on The World circuit as a prolific Speaker on ‘How to make more Sales’, Gary saw too often people attend seminars, workshops, and training courses for thousands of dollars – yet do nothing with what they heard! In other words they ‘failed to implement’.

Gary had an epiphany in 2013 as he walked past The South Melbourne Market!

‘What if there was a Business Marketplace with the hustle and bustle and excitement of a thriving Market where people in Business could meet-buy-sell-connect’.

That was the beginning of what is now The Business Marketplace phenomenon!

It had been designed to serve and delight people in Business to build their Business!

How you may ask? The Team at The Business Marketplace work for their Members, building their Business and providing a dynamic environment conducive to raising more invoices! It has a robust and proven formula and system that drives it! Find out more by coming to one of our Monthly Meetups and see it in action!

The Business Marketplace have monthly Events and one major Grand Bazaar per annum!

It’s Members enjoy and prosper through both strategic alliances and the facilitation made on their behalf by The Business Marketplace!

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