How we help your business grow

Be featured on The Business Marketplace TV – David Westbrook, one of our members, runs Westy Media. He came to us to help create The Business Marketplace TV and this is in development. This program is one vehicle where our members will be featured as the business experts in their field.

Get featured in the annual magazine – The Business Marketplace Community is a member only publication in which our members offer their insights and business services to the general public. The distribution of this magazine will reach 50,000 business owners this year and will grow again in 2018.

Showcase your business at a major trade show – The Grand Bazaar is an experience once a year in Docklands where members new and old will have stalls to showcase their wares. Guests will be able to speak to hundreds on the day through a 60-second speaking slot and can exhibit if they become members in time for our cut-off for June (which is XXX date).